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I love Michael LaFosse’s butterfly designs. His earlier publication, Origami Butterflies was self-published, hence more difficult to find, and laid out a brilliant. Like my fanpage me on Facebook to be the first to know what my next video will be! Video instructions/ tutorial teaching how to make a paper butterfly Model. Picture of six different origami butterflies designed by Michael Lafosse, and folded by Sara Adams: The Question Mark, The Origamido Butterfly.

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Alexander read full review. Butterfly – Eric Joisel Insects – Butterflies. Folded by Herman Mariano. Butterfly – Elsa Insects – Butterflies. Each model comes with notes on the design, the person who inspired it, and a haiku. LaFosse For Emiko Kruckner.

Gilad’s Origami Page

Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Butterfly – Kyoto Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Lillian Oppenheimer Insects – Butterflies. LaFosse For Jan Polish. Folded by John Butterflt. Origami USA Convention read full review.


Origami Butterflies

LaFosse For Vanessa Gould. All those interesting papers you picked up on your travels and never really found a good use for? These elegant forms—each created from a single square sheet of paper without cutting or glue—showcase the versatility of the folding system.

Butterfly – Lafosss Gray Insects – Butterflies.

Butterfly Michael G. LaFosse | Gilad’s Origami Page

Creased Magazine 1 read full review. Butterfly – Robert Lang Insects – Butterflies. Various Butterflies Michael LaFosse. Butterfly – Russell Cashdollar Insects – Butterflies.

Whimsical, exquisite and fragile, butterflies and moths have enchanted and inspired people for centuries. Show only designs with photos.

Folded by Rui Roda. Butterfly – Beth Kawazura Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Kyoko’s Insects – Lafossse. A Butterfly for Tony Cheng 4.

I would recommend this book to folders of all levels, it’s just as fun as origami should be, and everyone would love to get a folded butterfly as a gift! Butterfly – Diana Wolf Insects – Butterflies. This collection has many rarely-seen designs, and several of the models illustrate new technical and design achievements made possible by the ingenious “LaFosse Origami Butterfly Folding System.


Butterfly – Sok Song Insects – Butterflies. Hundreds of LaFosse butterflies have been featured in exhibitions around the world and his iconic designs are now eagerly sought and widely imitated by folding enthusiasts everywhere.

Butterfly – Emiko Kruckner Insects – Butterflies. Here’s the small collection of butterflies that emerged.

Various Butterflies (Michael LaFosse) | Happy Folding

Butterfly – Baxter Insects – Butterflies. LaFosse For Robert Lang. Butterfly – Jan Polish Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Lillian Oppenheimer Insects – Butterflies.

Anyway, on to the picture Money Origami by Michael G. Butterfly – Lillian Insects – Butterflies. Trash Origami by Michael G. Butterfly – Kyoto Insects – Butterflies.