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: La terapia de sanacion con cristales / The Crystal Healing Therapy (Spanish Edition) () by Alejandra Salatino and a great. Terapia de sanacion con cristales / Crystal healing therapy: Alejandra Salatino: Books – Buy Terapia de sanacion con cristales / Crystal healing therapy: 1 by Alejandra Salatino (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low.

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This can he a terrifying journey to undertake. The physical plane is a manifestation of the more subtle realms. I am about half way through and I must say that it is really good. Datura Brugamansia, the pink one. Nella loro disperazione spesso inconsciamente scelgono la morte piuttosto che la resistenza.

When we criistales ourselves to the Divine, com become vessels of the Holy and help spiritualize our earth as we walk it.

CIANITA – Definition and synonyms of cianita in the Spanish dictionary

The Grounding Stones are pure heaven. The oils have been getting me through this crazy time. Other large tumbled pieces of Sugilite are selling for double online, enjoy both of these for the price of one.

Emozioni, Cristalli e non solo. They are one of my favourite forms of quartz. They may have certain beings associated with them to help you understand what knowledge the crystals have within them. Calcite greatly assists in gaining insight into why certain circumstances in life have been attracted and what the spiritual significance and soul level lessons are. Been using it for cutting energetic cords. The health of our body is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. Teraoia qual for a forma que assumam, a estrutura cristalina dessas pedras absorve, guarda, concentra e emite energia.


The most common use calcite serves in linking parallel realities is that of creating a conscious bridge of spiritual understanding into circumstances or situations that are challenging here on the earth plane. Flourite is for the advancement of mind, for developing the ability to comprehend and integrate the nonphysical realities of the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions”.

Cuando el momento llega, en verdad cualquier cuarzo puede cumplir este cometido: Activated by the energy of the Sun this very earthy stone grounds and protects. I’ve read her other book “The Crystalline Transmission” and this is a really unique author you dont just find anywhere.

Otros sentimos teeapia elementales de aire y fuego trabajando a mucha velocidad elevando las frecuencias. Tremendous reference guide on Master Crystals. Find these beauties here: This is the place for silent peace,an oasis of blue energy, a clear and calm mind.

Descubre tu Bienestar Interior

It means that all of the old ways that we have temporarily secured. Especially for the times we are living in right now.

The planetary wellness is the result of our collective thinking. In my years of direct experience and study of the Egyptian and Peruvian remnants of lx ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, it has become evident that the advanced beings who first inhabited this planet embodied a very different physical structure than what we now observe in humankind.

Todas elas representam estados meditativos da mente. Seen to be hard to get your hands on. The heads were developed in such a way that two other energy centers were encompassed within their brain structures, thus incorporating into physicality the embodiment of higher consciousness. Grateful for the presence and teachings from this wonderful crystalline friend!


We use the flowers to work with our dreams, to be aware in the process of dreaming; the other life. I spend a lot of time in bed. As we gain conscious control over our thoughts and align the mind and body with the light at the source of our beings, we will have saltaino ability to fulfill our greatest potential. This wonderful friend has been with me for many years. According to many popular crystal properties books, this type of Sugilite with dark manganese inclusions are best for negative energy protection and relief of headaches, joint pain and inflammation.

Alejandra Salatino (Author of La Sabiduria de Los Cristales)

This chakra establishes the necessary polarity to the higher chakras, and connects us to creation itself. Crystals are always beautiful in the sunlight. HandCrafted Hill of Tara, Athame, made from the local bog. I read Katrina Raphaell’s books, and in “The Crystalline Transmission” fromshe talked about the twelve chakra system, and when I read it I immediately felt these teachings to be very profound and accurate. Another expression of source-separateness can be witness in the endless search to find security outside of ourselves i.

Fire Bird with Oud, so far is My Fav.