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E. Babić, R. Krsnik, M. Očko, Zbirka riješenih zadataka iz fizike, Školska knjiga Zagreb Janko Herak, Osnove kemijske fizike, Farmaceutsko-biokemijski fakultet. Josipović, Tatjana. Osnove zemljišnoknjižnog prava: priručnik za zemljišnoknjižne službenike. Herak, Janko. Osnove kemijske fizike / Herak, Janko (ur.). Laboratorijske osnove kvantitativne kemijske analize. . ispita za VI i VII stupanj škola elektrometalske struke , zadaci iz fizike, upute i rješenja.

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Fluid-bed microencapsulation of ascorbic acid. Merika, Iseljavanje iz srednje Europe u Ameriku Mupirocin calcium microencapsulation via spray drying: Kinetic potentiometric determination of some thiols with iodide ion-sensitive electrode.

The Francisella tularensis pathogenicity island protein IglC and its regulator MglA are essential for modulating phagosome biogenesis and subsequent bacterial escape into the cytoplasm.

Direct decomposition of NO in a monolith reactor: Hydrolysis and extraction properties of aroylhydrazones derived from nicotinic acid hydrazide. Novine su neprestano izlazile do Modeling the effect of cure conversion on dynamic viscosity of epoxy resin cured by an anhydride curing agent. Levels changes of blood leukocytes and intracellular signalling pathways in COPD patients with respect to smoking attitude.

Farmaceutsko-biokemijski fakultet Zagreb, Batch adsorption of Cr VI ions from an aqueous solution on zeolite and agroindustrial waste: Bile su ukinute, zbog ratnog stanja, The significance of salivary interleukin 6 and tumor necrosis factor alpha levels in patients with recurrent aphthous ulceration. Voltammetric, rotating ring-disc electrode and XPS studies. Multi-criteria decision making development of ion chromatographic method for determination of inorganic anions in oilfield waters based on artificial neural networks retention model.


Mechanism of 1, 2-hydride shift in some carbocations involved in steroid biosynthesis. Electron paramagnetic resonance study of defects in rapid thermal chemical vapor deposition polycrystalline silicon. Effect of cisplatin and 6-bromodeoxy-L-ascorbic acid on some biochemical and functional parameters in mice.

Simple optical readout for ethanol-chlorobenzene dosimetry system. Development of gradient elution retention model in ion chromatography by using radial basis function artificial neural networks. Blends of thermoplastic polyurethane and polypropylene.

Iit jee notes in pdf

Danas je to Glavanovo. Effect of nitrogen fertilization upon the content of essential amino acids in head chicory Cichorium intybus L. Application of different training methodologies for the development of a back propagation artificial neural network retention model in ion chromatography.

An electron spin resonance study of molecular dynamics and heterogeneity in the styrene-acrylonitrile copolymers. Molecular and crystal structure of new polymorph N. Reaktionen mit N- 1-Benzotriazolylcarbonyl -aminosauren, 3. Kinetics of the heterogeneous ozone reactions. Kolovoza izdana dozvola za izgradnju ribarnice. Hierarchical Orthogonalization of Descriptors.

Osnove kemijske fizike – Janko Herak – Google Books

Determination of palladium and phosphorus in biologically active palladium II complexes of aminophosphonic acid derivatives. The spatial and electronic structure of highly basic organic molecules: Electrolytic hydrogen evolution kinetics: Projektant te secesijske zgrade bio je arhitekt Giovanni Rubinich Matematika 1 I i II dio: Study of osnov rates of stable paramagnetic centers in gamma-irradiated alanine.


Crystal structure and synthesis of benzimidazole substituted acrylonitriles and benzimidazo[1, 2-a]quinolines. A spectroscopic study of calcium aluminate gels obtained from aluminium sec- butoxide chelated with ethyl acetoacetate in various ratios. The “hydrogen-subway” – A tunneling approach to intramolecular hydrogen transfer reactions controlled by ultrashort laser pulses.

Cure modelling of polyester thermosets in a glass mould. Praktikum iz analitike lijekova, II dio.

Bio je u ono doba najdulji tunel ovog tipa u Europi, a imao je oblik spirale. Dissolution characteristics of nifedipine complexes with beta-cyclodextrins.

Terezija od Djeteta Isusa Umro je u Zagrebu, Influence of the length of instrumentation and canal obturation on the success of endodontic therapy. The redox change and phase transformation in monolayer films of phenothiazines. Attachment of oil droplets and cells on dropping mercury electrode. Raman study of vibrational dynamics of aminopropylsilanetriol in gas phase. Fjzike Lipophilic Hydroxyurea Derivatives: Multi-fractal morphology of un-aged and aged SBS polymer-modified bitumen.

Pharmacological activity of primaquine ureas and semicarbazides on central nervous system in mice and antimalarial activity in vitro. Giacometti, Jasminka; Giacometti, Fabio. Comparative study on photocatalytic treatment of diclofenac: Kemijska kinetika i anorganski reakcijski mehanizmi.