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The seed heads often become heavy enough to bend the hyerta to the ground. For a deeper, more savory flavor, dry roast seeds prior to adding them to sauces or other rich dishes. But my favorite fennel is by far and away the lovely Bronze Fennel F.

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Try fennel in desserts such as cobbler, pie, muffins, cake, and sweet or yeast breads. No one should use the pure essential oil without supervision of a professional. The ancient Romans believed that fennel seed reduced the appetite and controlled obesity. The entire plant has a distinctive licorice smell and taste. Less than 1 tsp. But mostly, I love bronze fennel for its gorgeous purple and green mottled stems and leaves and the sheer profusion of its flowers, which make this herb pretty enough for the flower garden.

Florence Fennel — sometimes referred to as Finnochio — F. This is one book no herb-lover — or survivalist — should miss! Indeed, I am always surprised by gardeners who mistake my fennel for dill.

IFOAM | General Publications on Organic Agruculture

Today, it well-known for being a mild and reliable medicinal and has long been approved by the German Commission E. Jill Henderson is an artist, author, and the editor of Show Me Oz.


In the garden, it adds height, texture, and drama making it the perfect focal point. Many herbs and vegetables such as bush beans, pole beans, peppers, and tomatoes will grow poorly if planted too close to fennel.

For several years, I have used a line of sweet fennel as a barrier to keep my mint from overrunning the rest of my herb garden—the mint grows happily but stays respectfully on its side of the fennel. Fennel will readily self-sow. In fact, fennel is not only edible, medicinal and downright gorgeous, but it also attracts hordes of beneficial insects to the garden. In most varieties seeds are large, greenish-brown, and lightly ribbed.

The sweet anise-like flavor of fennel is especially good with fish, pork, seafood, and poultry, and it makes an excellent addition to soup and roasted vegetables. Cultivo de plantas condimentaresplantas condimentares.

These fennels are organics perennials, but because they are harvested for their lower stems, most are grown as annuals. Tomato-based dishes—especially pizza—benefit from a touch of fennel seed.

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But once you have grown fennel in your own garden and tasted its luscious fruits and stems, you will never mistake fennel for bioinyensiva else. Both produce relatively large seeds.

Fennel is a tall, graceful herb that should be planted and used much more often than it is. Fennel seed is used commercially as a licorice flavoring in many products and makes a wonderfully refreshing addition to black iced tea.


Among the myriad of wonderful herbs that one could grow, no honest-to-goodness herb garden is complete without at least one tall, stately fennel plant. In the spring, thin young seedlings to stand 6 in. Despite its obvious charms fennel is one of those herbs that even long-time bioitensiva seem to overlook.

Sow seed directly in the garden in late fall or mid-winter. The mild estrogen-like action is used to regulate menstruation and aid bointensiva menopausal symptoms. Use fennel seed to sweeten bitter herbal teas or to flavor liqueurs. Fennel bears umbel-shaped clusters of tiny, yellow flowers in late summer.

It is a strong anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, widely used for cramps, spasms, and menstrual biointensova. It is known to strengthen and tone the digestive system, making it a beneficial herb in treating dyspepsia, indigestion, flatulence, heartburn, colic, and lower abdominal pain.

Add fennel seeds to sweet fruit salads, especially those containing peaches and apples. Avoid medicinal use of fennel if you have liver disease, hepatitis, estrogen-dependent cancer, or are pregnant, lactating, or taking ciprofloxacin. Florence fennel will also produce flavorful seed if the plant is allowed to flower.