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Suggested references are: G. Ghione Semiconductor Device for High-Speed Wiley (); G. Ghione Dispositivi per la Microelettronica, McGraw Hill (). Basics in solid state physics [Fonstad, Sze02, Singh, Ghione]. The pn junction Ghione, “Dispositivi per la microelettronica, Mc Graw-Hill, (Bibl. Tecn. G. Ghione, Dispositivi per la microelettronica, McGraw-Hill – J. P. Colinge, Semiconductor device physics – Muller-Kamins, Device electronics for integrated .

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Betti Beneventi 38 Post-processing: Master of science-level of the Bologna process in Electronic Engineering – Torino.

The minority carrier profile is again exponential, but it is often approximated by a linear behavior if there is no generation-recombination i. L’insegnamento comprende infine una introduzione all’optolettronica e ai dispositivi optoelettronici, quali i dispositivi per la rivelazione e la modulazione elettro-ottica, e una breve descrizione dei dispositivi a semiconduttore di potenza. Microeldttronica, HDL, diagrams; different abstraction levels.

Normally the oral test has to be taken right after the results of the written test are provided. The theoretical topics that may be discussed during the oral test are listed in the Contents section. Also Zener breakdown is triggered by the high electric fields occurring in the spacecharge region. Betti Beneventi 3 The diode: The occurrence of first avalanche or first Zener breakdown by increasing the reverse voltage depends on the characteristics of the diode materials, doping.

The exams consists in three oral tests, one for each part; a small project is also required for the third part. Risultati attesi Expected Learning Outcomes. Betti Beneventi 12 SWB: The minority carrier profile it is approximated with a linear behavior if there is no generation-recombination i.


Applying knowledge and understanding: Further information can be found on the teacher web page http: Hastings, “The art of analog layout”, Prentice Hall, Bibl. Ls a critical field, the carriers have enough kinetic energy to create electron-hole pairs by collisions with the lattice silicon atoms. In reverse bias, the built-in barrier is raised by the application of a reverse polarity bias. It depends on many physical parameters like doping and diffusion lengths. Betti Beneventi 51 Uniform doping: Knowledge of the working principles of traditional semiconductor devices pn junction, bipolar ler transistor, MOSFET is also taken for granted.

The exams aims at verifying that the student is confident with electronic devices working principles and fabricationFPGA’s and advanced instrumentation for research.

Regole d’esame Assessment and grading criteria.

Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) Laboratory Lecture 4

By default, the width in the third dimension is taken to be equal to 1mm. Betti Beneventi 8 The diode: Techniques for FPGA configuration. Back to list of courses. Betti Beneventi 45 Electrical characteristics: Betti Beneventi 46 Electrical characteristics: Corsi di Studio Units.

Lectures will exploit slides made available in advance to the student and projected in class with the projection system. I libri di testo consigliati sono: The coordinate of maximum error for each equation is also specified thanks to the use of the keyword CNormPrint in the Sdevice command file.

Marsi, 3 cfu Logical circuits: Betti Beneventi 9 Secondary effects 1. In this regime, the diode is said to be ka biased. Practice classes will allow the students to quantitatively apply the equations derived in class on semiconductor heterostructures and for the main heterostructure devices.


Carrato, 3 cfu Exercises are discussed and solved in room. In this regime, current increases exponentially with voltage and the diode is said to be forward biased.

Electronic Devices and Components

Therefore, carriers crossing the depletion region eispositivi accelerated to high velocity. The exam is made of microelettroncia 2 hour written test and of a voluntary oral examination. PS2 — I2C protocols. This is related to the physics of charge injection thermionic emission in non-degenerate semiconductors. Integrated circuit IC production technology [Hastings, chap.

If the transition region between the two semiconductor microeettronica is assumed to be thin the junction is said to be abrupt or step Applications: The course goal is to complete the student knowledge in the field of semiconductor devices with the topics related to advanced electron devices for high-speed and optoelectronics applications. Course statistics – enrollment and graduations data.

Theoretical lectures and practice classes are used in the course. Il voto finale viene determinato tenendo conto sia della prova scritta che della prova orale.