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What does talk of meaning mean? All thinking consists in natural happenings in the brain. Talk of meaning though, has resisted interpretation in terms of. Meaning and Normativity. Allan Gibbard*. In the past dozen years, phrases like ” the normativity of meanin have swept into the philosophy of language. Meaning and Normativity, by AllanGibbard. Oxford: Oxford University Press, , xiv + pp. ISBN ‐0‐19‐‐4 hb £

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Thus, for example, if a statement means something contradictory, it is clear that I ought not to accept it.

Semantic Normativity and Semantic Causality. Similarly, a single sentence counts as analytic if it ought to be accepted in znd evidential circumstances and under all intelligible suppositions. This contrasts sharply with semantic naturalism, which implies that meanings do have causal powers qua meanings. It must be granted that the inference initially strikes us as valid.

Timothy Williamson, Gibbard on meaning and normativity – PhilPapers

Meaning as a Normative Concept. History of Western Philosophy. If an agent ought to accept a sentence, in the intended sense, is this a matter of what she ought to hibbard in the light of the information that she has available to her, or is it a matter of what she ought normatiivty do in the light of all the facts, whether or not she has any way of knowing them?

Subscriber Login Email Address. A choice among the four hypotheses must be made on the basis of normative considerations.

The resulting theory should be of considerable interest to philosophers of a variety of stripes, including those who think of the concept meaniing meaning as principally empirical and descriptive in character, for it has a structure that is easily transposed to a variety of conceptual allann.

Semantic Normativity and Naturalism. The latter task is complex and delicate, because being in the shoes of another agent may involve having beliefs or purposes that are not compatible with choosing the envisioned action.

Meaning and Normativity

This is true both of general theories of meaning and of attempts to specify the meanings of certain particular expressions. Publications Pages Publications Pages. The second argument begins with normatovity observation that ought-statements invariably follow from statements about meaning. Apart from giving a preliminary characterization of ought-judgments as all-things-considered and irreducible to hypothetical imperatives, Gibbard treats such judgments as primitives in the first seven chapters.


The Mental Corpus John R. This holds across languages as well as within languages.

When we are considering sentences of these kinds, it seems, we wnd likely to have doubts as to whether premises about their meanings entail an obligation to accept them. The Normativity of Meaning. Prototypes gibbar large amounts of statistical information, and collections of exemplars often encompass memories of large numbers of past experiences. It is clear that Gibbard would endorse much that I have said in recent paragraphs about the possibility and desirability of developing a naturalistic theory of communication and meaning though he might prefer to speak of “meaning”.

As Gibbard sees it, this pattern is repeated elsewhere.

Meaning and Normativity – Oxford Scholarship

Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language. Classical, Early, and Medieval World History: On Epistemic Giibbard of Meaning: Such decisions will be fundamentally normative in character because they will in effect be decisions about the relative importance of various facts.

In sum, it appears possible to explain the normativity of without supposing that it derives from meaning.

Doesn’t the idea of interlinguistic sameness presuppose that we already have access to a notion of equivalence or synonymy? Rather, there are two physical quantities such that each one fulfills some of the things that Newton said about mass while failing to conform to others. Teemu Toppinen – – Ethics 4: Bibbard speaking, if T is a theoretical term, it won’t be possible to choose a referent for T that confers truth on all of the theory’s assertions that contain T.

Charity and the Normativity of Meaning. Charity and the Nomrativity of Meaning.

Thus, since his theory of meaning invokes obligations to form beliefs in various evidential circumstances, he is committed to saying that there can be plans for forming beliefs, or, normaitvity precisely, for changing existing degrees of credence. Conceptual truth for thoughts and analyticity for sentences voicing thoughts are explained as specially invariant normative features, and the treatment is vibbard, invoking the credence one should have given total evidence.


On his view, this is nkrmativity the concept of reference is normative. Now the second premise has no tendency to imply that meaning is normative. Moreover, the cognitive agencies that regulate the use of these devices in categorization are not accessible to us, and therefore could not be coded in propositional representations. Mereology and Location Shieva Kleinschmidt.

Saul Kripke – – Philosophy of Science 51 1: Or so Field maintained.

This is because they are normative: University Press Scholarship Online. No keywords specified fix it. Gibbard will, I believe, argue for the significance of that approach by saying that it supports precise and determinate assignments of meaning to linguistic representations.

Naturalists tend to gbbard of linguistic meaning as a causal-explanatory in character, and they have a similar view about mental content — the type of content that meaninb possessed by concepts and aallan attitudes. Moreover, the claims that each of the quantities fulfills are crucially different than the ones that the other quantity fulfills.

Allan Gibbard – – Philosophical Issues 5: Rather, the entailments are due in part to hidden background assumptions that are explicitly normative. It is often maintained, for example, that empirical theories can be evidentially equivalent, in the sense of being equally supported by all possible evidence, while making different claims about the underlying structure of empirical reality.

This view may lead them to disagree strongly with much that Gibbard says. Judgments of synonymy are gibbaed as follows: Expressivism, Non-Naturalism, and Us Appendix 1: Being Realistic about Reasons T.