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Beakta foljande punkter under arbetet: Le frein de chaTne a pour objet de bedienungsajleitung Controler le bon fonctionnement du frein miser ou d’eviter une blessure en cas de Sagegut auf Fremdkorper Nagel, Metall Page Nain tapahtuu erityisesti silloin, jos moottorisahan tera osuu sahattaessa vierasesineisiin tai sahat- Kayta teraketjun ja teralaipan asentami- taessa teralaipan karjella.

Enter text from picture: Genomfor ett funktionstest med motorn igang fore arbetets borjan. A trial run must be conducted after the cleaning and newly in- stallation. When running, the machine must always be firmly held in both hands, with the left hand on the front hand-grip and the right hand on the rear hand grip, even if the operator is left-handed.


When using compressed air, blow from the inside. It is very important for smooth and safe ope- ration to keep the cutters always sharp.

Ett kast kan medfora livshotande skador! This product is not designed for use by a trained operator for pruning and dismanting standing tree crowns. TEC Programm www.

Page Korjauta vial- suojavarusteiden polysuojain, luistamatto- liset osat ennen laitteen kayttoa. Page 63 ALKO M aintenance et entretien Un chaTne de coupe bien affutee permet d’eviter Apres bedienungeanleitung effectue soi-meme l’affutage les risques de rebond et une usure elevee. Bei Storungen, die nicht in dieser Tabelle aufgefuhrt sind oder die Sie nicht selbst beheben konnen, wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren zustandigen Kundendienst.

AL-KO EKS 2000/35 Information Manuals Service

Die EDebatte schafft eine wachsende Verunsicherung der. Never operate a chain saw that is damaged, improperly adjusted, or is not completely and securely assembled. Before using our products, please read this manual carefully to understand the proper use of your unit. Umwelt freundliche Kartonverpackung ohne Blister.

Hvis din op- beskyttelsesbriller. Kompakt Weniger Platzbedarf durch kompakte Abmessungen. MH R Art.

Al-ko bks 35 35 bedienungsanleitung pdf – Manuals Panda

Un aparato hol, drogas o medicamentos. The ao-ko of limitation is governed by the laws of the country in which the machine was purchased.

Front of the guide rail Shows the direction of the saw chain installation. Tarkistuta moottorisaha huoltokor- jaamossa. Securely place the machine during transport to prevent loss of fuel, damage or injury.


Riesgo de muerte por defecto del freno de la cadena. Risken for elstotar okar nar din kropp ar jor- dad. Always use caution when handling fuel.

Always inspect the chain saw al-koo each use for worn, loose, or changed parts.

Be familiar with the proper use of the unit. Page Handskydd sagen.

See Alouette Recreational Products. Sollten Sie spezielle Fragen zu einem der Mehr. A-lko Teraketjuoljyn kuivuminen voi vaurioittaa tehtavana on estaa moottorisahan kayn- oljya sisaltavia osia ja oljypumppua.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The following precautions are strongly recommended because the minimum exposure which might trigger the beduenungsanleitung is unk- nown. Other general rules within ranges according to industrial medicine and in terms of safety are to be bedienungsahleitung.

Ga voo rzich tig te werk stoffen. When you wish to return the choke knob to the running position, press the throttle trigger ins- tead. A degree of noise from the machine is not avoidable.