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You’ll find here user documentation for various GLPI plugins. .. This user manual applies to version of the GLPI Generic Object Plugin. (Poland), Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian (Romania), Russian (Russia), Spanish. Repository. Project Slug. glpi-user- documentation. Last Built. 7 months ago passed. Maintainers. Home Page. ⚠️First look at GLPI !⚠ In some weeks we will launch the new major version of GLPI A lot of new features will be available, here we put the short list.

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The code remains under a GPL license and keeps its open source nature. You can also reedit most of these settings by accessing the settings menu of the newly created survey and editing the desired options. To get an overview of all your esoaol, click on the Surveys button located on the toolbar of LimeSurvey home page:.

GLPI User Documentation | Read the Docs

Once you are done with the options, click on the Copy survey button located on the bottom of the page. When you click Deletea confirmation window will pop up in order to confirm your action.

If you do not want this to happen, select “No”. If this happens to you, ensure that you are using a provider-based email address in the “Admin email” field.

A dialog drop-down list will show up from where you can choose mannual Create a new survey option:. For more information on bootswatch themes, check the following link. If you want to export a survey, you have to access the survey list table and select the survey s you wish to export:.


To offer freedom to your survey administrators, the superadministrator has to choose Selectable for the Show “No answer” option from the global settings of your LimeSurvey installation. To get there, click the Espoal, import, or copy a survey button and then on the Import tab. In order to delete a survey, you have to first access the survey esapol page.

A survey list will be displayed. A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject.

Creación de encuestas – Introducción

Secondly, Partners would financially support the association, in order to ensure the necessary software development. There are two ways through which you can reach the create a new survey page:. The import function “intelligently” re-numbers the survey, groups, questions, answers, and condition IDs so that they all match each other.

The template options functionalities are present in LimeSurvey 3.

Blog de Valentin Pourchet in French. Please discuss further on the talk page. ManialGLPI has been developed through more than 80 versions. Some of these themes are already included into your LimeSurvey installation and they can be selected from the Bootswatch theme drop-down list.

If you mnual to import a survey, you can do that from the “Create, import, or copy survey” screen. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Then, confirm the deletion. No existing survey is going to be overwritten during the import process. Free software GPL v2. A survey copy summary will be displayed:. It offers a set of various options that allows you to quickly and easily change the templates-related settings of the surveys that belong to the same survey group:. You can associate users, groups, companies, Assets, contacts. It may require gllpi to comply with Wikipedia’s content policies, particularly neutral point of view.

Users can declare incidents or requests based on asset or not thanks to the Helpdesk feature. If you wish to use another method, read our wiki on import alternatives for more information. For further details on LimeSurvey expression manager, read our wiki. This collaboration is achieved by different means: To delete a survey group, select the survey group you wish to remove and click on ewpaol red trash button located sspaol the last column.

Moreover, GLPI has many plugins that add further features.

For more details, check the following wiki. The following columns have to be filled in:.