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Laurann Dohner – New Species 01 – Fury – dokument [*.PDF] Fury Laurann Dohner Book 1 in the New Species series. Ellie is horrified to discover the. Listen to the complete New Species book series. Fury audiobook cover art Fury. New Species, Book 1; By: Laurann Dohner; Narrated by: Vanessa Chambers . by: Vanessa Chambers; Length: 10 hrs and 9 mins; Release date: Jul 2, Fury SERIES: New Species, Book 1 AUTHOR: Laurann Dohner .amazon. com/Fury-New-Species-Bookebook/dp/B01LTA6CTM/ref.

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RMC – Fury – Real Mom Chronicles (podcast) | Listen Notes

I need to feel your wet heat, to bury myself in you deep and hold you there for as long as I can keep us connected. Lauren has to make him unleash his desire and Wrath has to get past his fear if the couple wants any chance at a future together.

Ellie is horrified to discover the pharmaceutical company she works for is doing illegal experiments. It was kind of a ‘Cinderella’ experience for me.

New Species

And it was actually the reason I stopped reading. Ahh I love Fury, another great re-read! Justice North is neww face of New Species. It’s not you; it’s me. This has only happened to me 3 times before, but I actually could not finish this book.


Lauren has just been detained by three big, buff, well-armed men – New Species. It’s just another Wednesday at the office. I know he means well but wtf! New Species, Book 1 Written by: Ellie has been enlisted as a spy of sorts. My heart beats for her, Justice. View all 36 comments. I want to read her story.

I want to FEEL the story. She may blow her cover, but she has to save the man from imminent death. I just specie inside you.

And Ellie wants Fury—always has. Jul 14, Grecia Robles rated it liked it Shelves: My better me protest but my romantic heart was so happy with these characters and this occasionally quite silly story. So I was kind of glad to read something similar that had a decent story that entertained me.

Fury by Laurann Dohner – Darling-a-Go Go

I loved Fury’s character! I hated that they would doubt him even when Ellie had faith that Fury would never cause her harm. It was a alright read, cool story and nice, interesting characters, but other than that? I admit a skipped a tiny odhner of those parts.

Fury by Laurann Dohner

Would this laueann as good as the Not-Hoth blue aliens series? Ellie moved closer, rising to her tiptoes to brush her lips against his ear.


Also, the whole of the New Species series itself deals with past abuse and cruelty. Ellie earns Fury’s trust before they’ve even communicated, before he truly knew who she was to him. It was just to the point where I was forcing mys DNF.

One between a New Species and a human, that has never been done before. I liked both Ellie and Fang, and I thought the side characters were well developed and definitely not typical. But it was a decent start to a new series that I want to continue reading. This was a reread for me This PNR series surprised me with how good it is.

Or what happened with the kids? I breathe and live Ddohner. But, when she meets him again at Homeland He has never known kindness, or love, until Ellie.