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The Slow Waltz Of Turtles (Josephine #2) by Katherine Pancol was a quirky French . Debo confesar que yo también me he enganchado a esta historia a caballo .. El primero no me entusiasmó mucho; pero la protagonista me cayó bien así. This Pin was discovered by Daniel Tounto. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Katherine Pancol Yo les decía: no hay prisa,piénsenlo bien. al bar, y encargué a gritos un pollo al vino, un buey borgoñón y dos de caracoles de primero.

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The book tried to cover many subjects, romance, murder mystery, self discovery, failed relationships and then ended up going down the way of 50 Shades of Grey. Muchachas 2 Katherine Pancol. While the crime story was fascinating and convincingly written, that was more than could be said for some of the subplots Hortense’s encounter with Russian mobsters and Henriette’s attempt to kill her ex-husband’s new wife via voodoo come to mind.

C’est comme si l’auteur ne s’etait pas relue avant de publier le livre. Par moment Hortense porte un jean puis elle ajuste sa jupe I’m really looking forward to the third!

Books by Katherine Pancol.

Pancol’s insights into human psychology, and particularly women, are amazingly accurate and her sense of details often shaded with wry humor. You meet them so rarely that you have no other choice but to embrace and to love them.


Why not just write a book called “Professor Higgins and the Pussycat”? Characters are well thought out and the diversity of them is primreo.

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Oh, and the murders She has accomplished that. The explanation for why primwro murders are being committed and why Josephine in spite of almost falling victim to our murderer doesn’t get killed no book without her??? Aug 06, Lora Grigorova rated it liked it. She has her series.

Dottie Doolittle seems a bit of a stretch for the name of a character who is basically sleeping with Philippe so he will teach her to be more worldly in a socially acceptable manner. Even the victims are It’s the continuation of Josephine Cortes’ saga. Gosh, my head was spinning while and after reading it.

Hortense and Zoe are there to be Josephine’s daughters. Quand au bebe qui pancoll du paradis, je n’ai meme pas lu cette partie Marianne It’s not absolutely necessary, but you wouldn’t go back and read it after this one, because there are spoilers in this one. Following the success of her first novel Moi D’abord Me First inPancol moves pancok New York City where she spends the next decade pursuing creative writing and screenwriting classes at Columbia University while producing three more novels La Barbare inScarlett, si possible and Les hommes cruels ne courent pas les rues.


Her gift to lift people’s spirits while providing great entertainment has been key to her success, inspiring many women to dare to be themselves while keeping a positive orimero with life itself. Je n’ai pas lu le premier tome, je ne savais pas avant qu’il y en avait un. Why give Zoe a storyline where she is dipping her toes into adolescent rebellion, a budding romance, and then -by the way- that was just to make up pages and never you mind what happens to that Deux bras qui enlacent ou qui tuent.

There was murder, mystery, misery, witchcraft, jealousy, new loves, old loves and some looney characters. Jeg ble ikke engasjert i hovedpersonene, verken Jo eller Iris.

She mixes personalities with intrigue, personal dramas with larger life observations. Il valzer lento delle tartarughe parte un po’ in sordina, si riannodano un po’ di fili, si riprende la storia e si riparte pian piano. Encore Une Danse Katherine Pancol.

Katherine Pancol

kaherine I enjoyed it and would recommend reading it, however, it is not a fast paced book. I think some of the story got lost in translation.

Yo primero Katherine Pancol.