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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. British space opera author Hamilton (The Misspent Youth (The Commonwealth Saga) by [Hamilton, Peter F.]. Misspent Youth [Peter F. Hamilton, Steven Crossley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After decades of research, scientists of the. A gripping near-future novel by bestselling author Peter F. Hamilton. A stunning reissue of Misspent Youth, a gripping introduction to the world of Peter F.

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But Jeff finds himself attracted to Annabelle, and while giving her a ride home after Tim hamiltoon too drunk at a school dance, they start a tawdry affair behind Tim’s back and fall in love.

Trouble invariably erupts as his newly-minted hormones have him chasing every young woman around him, to include a girl that Tim had been very much in love with.


Set in the very near future, this novel speaks to the shallow nature of our advancement. It’s in my library alongside the other PFH works, but it’s not one I’ll re-read. The first is a global networking platform tha It might be best going into this novel not expecting anything.

But then it rapidly descends into a torrid family drama where Jeff has been rejuvenated and returns to his old life to find his body over-riding his mind as he makes one insanely bad decision after another.

Lots of glimpses of cool story threads but never executes on them. Movies, music and novels became so rampantly pirated that the art forms themselves are extinct, being no longer sufficiently lucrative for their creators to produce at all.


Misspent Youth by Peter F. Hamilton

On the other hand, the free availability of information also provides opportunity of incredible scientific advancement, as the free sharing of research data allows scientists to cooperate and elaborate on each other’s results. As a matter of fact, this is pretty much a kind of family soap opera in a slightly more futuristic time than ours.

His sex drive is driving him crazy. Pandora’s Star Judas Unchained. Hamilton’s character work here is very good. The United Kingdom remains a part of a more closely integrated European Union, with violent separatist movements in many member states.

Might well put me off Hamilton’s work completely. Weaker than the other Commonwealth books. It sound so much like a story about maladjusted working class youngsters in some large industrial town or the title of a Bruce Springsteen track.

He is stuck in a machine that basically “de-ages” him from an elderly man back to his early twenties.

Misspent Youth – Wikipedia

Jeff undergoes a brand new technological breakthrough that renders him young again. Here he decides to make it the focus of a stand-alone novel, examining the impact on the very first recipient and his family.

Our protagonist rose to fame in the early 21st century for advancing data storage technology by quantum leaps, then cementing his geek god status the world over by open-sourcing all his work. It is rare that I don’t finish a book, but this is one of those times.

Salvation Salvation Lost Saints of Salvation. But in regards to the book at hand, I think the ending alone is worth going through all the weakest parts, which aren’t necessarily weak in a literary sense, but in a Science Fiction way.

Lets just hope Hamilton can get back on form with his next book. Very disappointing book – no plot whatsoever. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I really did not get the point of this book, it started off well creating a futuristic society that has undergone dramatic changes as a result of necessity and intriguing new technologies.


Misspent Youth is a stand alone science fiction novel by the acclaimed British author Peter F Hamilton. Want to Read saving…. To ask other readers questions about Misspent Youthplease sign up. However, they are sad that they have hurt Tim, who gets seriously injured in a jet-ski accident, providing a catalyst for Jeff to re-enter Tim’s life.

Misspent Youth

It was an unpleasant story about unpleasant people. For that, I just happen to be in the right place to appreciate it. On top of that nothing really happens, ever. The characters too are utterly unlikeable, so much so that it took me a while to even get into this. Despite this, the characters at the heart of the book are Tim and Misspfnt.

As it is, with the advent of digitalisation of most academic journals and a lot of monographs, yyouth work is slowly moving from providing access to information to more of a filtering and curating sort of position. I read Pandora’s Start first, which is magnificent. Jeff manages to, literally and metaphorically, fuck-up everything around him.