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FILMSKI LEKSIKON [Bosko Tokin Vladeta Lukic] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Filmski leksikon: A-Ž by Bruno Kragić · Filmski leksikon: A-Ž. by Bruno Kragić; Nikica Gilić;. eBook: Document. Croatian. Zagreb: Leksikografski zavod. Filmski leksikon. Front Cover. Bojan Kavčič. Modrijan, QR code for Filmski leksikon Performing Arts / Film & Video / History & Criticism. Export Citation.

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Film critic and historian, and co-editor of Filmski leksikon She has worked domestically and internationally as a strategy consultant and researcher. He is a regular film critic and contributor to several Croatian daily newspapers. Films,i of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, and at present graduate student and instructor of film directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.

Contributors’ Details

Her short stories have been included in numerous Croatian and international anthologies. A member of several film and theater boards, since also artistic director of Days of Croatian film Dani hrvatskog filma.

He teaches the history of cinema and the history of Croatian cinema at the University of Split. She also holds an M.

He is the screenwriter for the youth program, Kokiceat Croatian Radiotelevision where he also works as a film critic for the program Dobro jutro, Hrvatska as well as on the program Licem u lice for Croatian Radio. She wrote Imagined Dialogues: Self-Reflections on Serbian Cinema Contributors’ Details Aida Vidan editor: He has published six books of novels and short stories which have been translated into German, English, Italian, and Bulgarian.

He has been involved in Croatian film for some fifty years in various capacities ranging from support actor as a studentto script editor, documentary director, distributor, director of the national Film Festival in Pula, president of the Croatian Association of Film Critics and lecturer of the history of Croatian film for ten years at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.


She is interested in multilingual writers and works on the 20th century American and Russian literatures, and South Slavic Oral Traditions. He also edits Ubiq, a literary journal for science fiction, and has co-edited a critical anthology of Croatian science fiction stories. Professor of Russian language, literature, and culture at Tufts University Boston and specialist in Soviet and post-Soviet, especially Russian and Central Asian, cinema.

Since he has been a selector for the international film festival in Motovun and has served on several film juries, including the Berlin film festival in With her husband, James, she founded an annual international seminar on the themes of war and peace in literature and philosophy that takes place in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He is a member of several committees and film juries for various Croatian film festivals. Before retirement he was a member of the Croatian Parliament. She is currently also working as a junior researcher on the Croatian Glossary of Film Terms. Film critic and publicist whose numerous articles and essays have appeared in newspapers, specialized arts and culture magazines, radio and TV programs, film publications, and lexicons. Gender, media and film theorist.

Filmski leksikon

Currently completing his Ph. Some of her other projects concern Croatian Renaissance drama and the application of databases in researching oral poetry. She is author of Embroidered with Gold, Strung with Pearls: Her interests include Yugoslav and Post-Yugoslav film and literature, translation, and Russian and European novel. Her areas of interest include written and oral traditional literature from the South Slavic region, methodologies of teaching South Slavic languages, and film.

Managing editor of the film quarterly Croatian Film Chronicle Hrvatski filmski ljetopis and a board member of the Croatian Association of Film Critics. Ramet she co-edited Kazaaam! She is currently writing a book on the impact of the Balkans wars of the s on literary and cinematic developments in the region. Graduate of School of Political Sciences in Zagreb where he studied political science and journalism and is currently writing his Ph. American Influence on European Popular Culture, to Present Rowman and Littlefield,and is author of over thirty book chapters and articles.


She is author of Terror and Joy: Film critic, screenwriter, and film scholar, who has published over journalist pieces on topics ranging from film, literature, language, to politics, and about twenty scholarly articles on Croatian film.

His special interests include media representations of gender and sexuality in Soviet and East European history. Her dissertation explored the link between politics and aesthetics in Ukraine and Russia during the first post-communist decade. He is currently writing a monograph examining the changing portrayals of masculinity in Soviet film during the Khrushchev era and an essay on the cinematic representations of queer characters in filmzki film.

Cinema Prive – Filmski leksikon @SKCNS Fabrika

Holds degrees in comparative literature and English language and literature from the University of Zagreb and an M. Writer and director based in Brooklyn, NY.

He published also godina filma u HrvatskojDvanaest filmskih portreta and Hrvatska filmska povijest ukratko fjlmski He is a regular contributor to Croatian radio and television, and has been publishing reviews, essays and other film-related texts on several Internet sites as well as in the Croatian Film Chronicle Hrvatski filmski ljetopis.

Her research interests focus on culture and politics in totalitarian and post-totalitarian societies around the world.