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Accepts a VIAVI FiberChek Sidewinder and FiberChek Probe. – Accepts a Save images, analysis results onto your mobile device. – Generate . Won’t work!. The new FiberChek probe completely automates your fiber inspection workflow. results on device or export; Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB connection capabilities. Then, the operation and functional use of the Westover Scientific FiberChek software application. by which fber end-face images are examined, analyzed, saved and archived. Moreover, . FiberChekā„¢ will not be installed on your computer.

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Ribbon Tips This calibration setting is recommended when using tips that are designed for inspecting ribbon connectors. Make sure the box next to Install Camera Drivers is checked and fiberchek22 Finish to complete software installation. Standard Connector Tips 1. The only way to properly remove a program from your system is to uninstall Fiberchek2 download.

Save The Save icon launches a standard Save dialog box. This allows the probe to work with male connector ends or inspect through female bulkhead adapters. Specifications, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. When you are done with this feature, click OK to return to the main window.

We fibercgek2 not recommend this feature since it will slow down processing considerably. Support personnel will determine if the equipment requires service. Insert the probe into the repository. Read the Release notes. Scratches that touch the core are problematic because they create back reflection. You can use this feature to switch between microscopes without having to disconnect any microscopes from the computer.

Defects Tab is chosen along with Zone A. At the top you name the profile, define the total number of ciberchek2 and add password protection to the profiles menu, if desired strongly recommended. If that doesn’t work, try changing the. Troubleshoot Startup Error Message You can also define a size below which the particles are excluded from the analysis. Clicking on Snap to Estimated will aid in quickly placing the crosshair.


These pre-programmed settings enable the user to bypass the initial calibration steps and proceed directly to testing the fiber.

The tip should mate with the probe body. From the Tools menu, select Calibrate.

All calibration settings can be customized, added, edited and removed by the user. Choose the up or down arrow just to the right of the profiles group to move the profile to the desired place in the list.

Download Westover Fiberchek2 Software – best software for Windows. Software Urlinfo About fiberchek2 over 73 downloaded see developer full list programs. Deleting fibfrchek2 Profile To delete a Profile, perform the following: The Archiving section allows you to determine whether analyzed images are archived automatically or manually. Type in either the Default.

JDSU: User Manual – FiberChek2

Fiberchek pro software Westover scientific drivers Fiberchek2 download Westover. When you are ready to test the fiber, ensure you have the correct profile selected and then click woht Test Fiber!

When you launch FiberChek2 the system will display a live low-magnification image. FiberChek2 is a Shareware software in the category Miscellaneous developed by Westover.

ā€ŽFiberChekMOBILE on the App Store

Featured Microscope Images free downloads and reviews. For example, you can set the software to fail a fiber if any particle exceeds 10 microns. JDSU reserves the right to change at any time without notice the design, specifications, function, fit or form of its products described herein, including withdrawal at any time of a product offered for sale herein. Resolution Better than 1. For calibration procedures, please go to the next page.


Windows and Vista are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. This LED should provide illumination for the life of the microscopehrs. Download old bollywood audio songs.

A pre-centered LED positioned inside the microscope provides coaxial illumination of the optical fiber termination. Prompts to save the current image and then brings up savw resident mail host to e-mail the image file. FiberChek2 Free Download Information: For ib, the matter is more complicated and is discussed in detail in the following paragraphs. E Tips Ifberchek2 calibration setting is recommended when using long reach E inspection tips ex: Once in full-screen mode you can either uncheck this item, or hit [Esc] to return to the previous size.

These bench-top microscopes can be supplied on their own, or, as Tech Optics advises, with FiberChek2 software bundled in. If at any point you see a field of white light with dark or black specks, focus on the dark specks. These tips contain several optical components and, like most of our tips, are made of stainless steel.

Opens the Microscope dialog box to allow you to set choices related to your microscope.

Are you trying to uninstall FiberChek2? It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. It also provides both the low- and high-magnification images along with a check box that allows you to toggle the defect overlays on and off.