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Nov 26, The Eton Choirbook, one of only three such books (along with the Lambeth Choirbook and the Caius Choirbook to survive from. The Eton choirbook (Eton College MS. ), the leading source of late fifteenth- century English music, is a splendid production with fine illuminated initial letters . The Eton Choirbook and its Legacy of Sacred Music. In May , the Genesis Foundation continued its commission and mentoring programme featuring a.

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What was the Choirbook for? If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information.

Retrieved from ” https: It originally contained 93 works, 29 of which have been completely lost and another 21 of which are incomplete, although a few of these are also found in other sources. Stylistically, the music contained in the Chirbook Choirbook shows three phases in the development of early Renaissance polyphony in England.

About one third are now missing or eto incomplete. The following inventory represents the contents as enumerated by the index, with folio numbers for the works that survive.

In the body of the manuscript the antiphons are grouped according to the number of voices used: This website does not support your browser because it is out of date Update Browser. Dunstaple, John John Dunstaple.

Browne, John John Browne. Eotn te purissima virgo Cornysh, William William Cornysh 5 missing Cornysh, William William Cornysh. Magnificat Cornysh, William William Cornysh 5 missing Banester, Gilbert Gilbert Banester. The Choirbook preserves a repertoire of English music that would otherwise be almost entirely lost. They were cut for this purpose from five folios of a choirbook which dated from the late fifteenth century or possibly a little later.


Music from the Eton Choirbook

The most outstanding traits of the Eton music are a richness and brilliance of sonority not found in earlier music or as a rule chourbook contemporary Continental work and outstanding rhythmic vitality and melodic variety. Still kept at Eton College Library, it contains a repertory which is almost unique, as it is the earliest and most complete Tudor choirbook to have survived to the present.

This choirbook appears to have been compiled in chourbook separate stages, the majority of the works being inscribed around with some later additions possibly from Horwud, William William Horwud. Teaching Vacancies Support Staff Vacancies.

Salve regina vas mundicie Fawkner 6 missing Skip to main content. The table is sortable, by clicking the icon at the top of each column. Ever since it was first copied for use in the college chapel in the early s, the choirbook has been continuously in the possession of Eton College. Its music is the subject choirbkok considerable scholarly attention and has been performed and recorded repeatedly over the last years.

Eton Choirbook – Wikipedia

He has left us Gaude virgo salutata and Gaude rosa sine spinatwo very long antiphons, both striking works with some exciting florid display. Admittedly the policy of letting the music speak largely for itself has some justification, yet so much more remains to be eked out of pieces of the majesty of John Browne’s Stabat mater and Robert Wilkinson’s breathtaking nine-part Salve regina.

Our longstanding relationship with both the Genesis Foundation and James MacMillan is one we treasure and I am so looking forward to performing four Genesis Foundation commissions which are inspired by The Eton Choirbook.

In honore summae Matris. British Museum Additional MS. Mychelson, Robert Robert Mychelson. The existence of some broad parallelism between the stylistic developments of Continental and English music after Dunstableparticularly in the adoption of the harmonic bass part and in greater complexity of rhythm and phrase structure, suggests that there was some cross-Channel exchanging of ideas until about or even a little later; such men as John Plummer d.


Gaude rosa sine spina.

Eton Choirbook

Contents coirbook the Eton Choirbook sorted initially by the order in which they appear in the collection. The final phase represented in the choirbook includes music by William Cornysh and Robert Fayrfaxcomposed around Twenty-five composers’ names appear in the Eton choirbook. In other respects it disappoints: Views Read View source View history. A major part of this is being able to talk with, and mentor, some younger composers on their journey into sacred choral music.

Music from the Eton Choirbook |

Full color facsimile on heavy matt art paper, hardbound, with an introduction by Magnus Williamson Newcastle University. The Choirbook was on display throughout the evening, a rare occurrence that greatly added to the uniqueness of the occasion.

Even in its incomplete state —nearly half of chiorbook original leaves have been lost— the Eton Choirbook is the undoubted queen of choirbooj Tudor music manuscripts. Ave Maria Mater Dei. The Eton Choirbook is the only one of the trinity of extant early Tudor choirbooks to remain in its original home. O Maria et Elizabeth. It was one of very few collections of Latin liturgical music to survive the Reformationand hence is an important source. Gaude flore virginali Dunstaple, John John Dunstaple 5 missing