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Elfquest (or ElfQuest) is a cult hit comic book property created by Wendy and Richard Pini in It is a fantasy story about a community of elves and other fictional species A one-shot issue re-introduced the sea elves with a new cast of characters. The first ten issues of Hidden Years were collected in two color volumes. The Sea Elves has 5 ratings and 0 reviews: Published September 1st by Chaosium, 48 pages, Paperback. : The Sea Elves: A Complete Culture for Elfquest ( ) by Elizabeth Ceritelli; Wendy Pini and a great selection of similar New, Used.

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Refresh and try again. FutureQuest stories not yet completed or reprinted combine both Jink and Rebels storylines. An additional issue 21 collected reader letters and behind-the-scenes material; this issue has not been reprinted.

Log in to Reply. Their society, centered around family groups, would gather during autumn to trade information, celebrate an equilvalent of the equinox, and see if anyone Recognizes or decides to form other lovemate or lifemate elfqeust.

In addition to the close bonds with their wolves, the Wolfriders also have some basic psychic powers like telepathy known as sendinghealing and plant manipulation. There are two series of prose paperbacks about Elfquest published by other publishers, available online and in bookstores.

It is believed by current time that Recogition knows who is best suited to you. The future of Abode was explored in The Rebels and Jinkset at a time when humans have reached space and colonized other worlds and the elves have all but disappeared. Changes are slight, including altered graphics on the Elfbook and Worldbook. Jatgproductions rated it elfquesg was amazing May 11, The older an elf gets, the more likely they are to Recognize, and an elf who has not Recognized for the entirety of their adult life is more likely to Recognize a member of a new tribe upon meeting.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Build the board as you lead your Elf Tribe toward safe passage. Their general weight ranges from 50 to 75 pounds, though the latter weight is rarely e,ves except by particularly indolent Sun Folk.

Elfquest was also one of the first comic book series that had a prearranged conclusion. In order to facilitate contact with the humans, before landing on the world, the High Ones deliberately formed themselves like elves and reshaped their egg-vessel to resemble a beautiful floating castle that matched the native architectural idiom, so that they could stay long enough to eflquest out more information about the previous visitors.

There are strong links between Two-Spear and Kahvi, even though they occur thousands of years apart. While elves do not die from old age, staying alive that long is still a rarity and elves of this age range are treated with great respect. While it isn’t common, same-sex pairbonding have happened. In this way she was also able to briefly contact Rayek after he left Sorrow’s End.


And, most of all, of love. Desperately inspired by a piece of “magic” lodestone they obtained from the trolls’ caves that acts as a crude compasselfqest make an arduous journey across the wasteland until they encounter an oasis called Sorrow’s End, populated by a tribe of sedentary, agrarian elves called the Sun Folk.

Elfquest – Wikipedia

InWarner Brothers announced sez intention to bring the Elfquest saga to the big screen, with Rawson Thurber serving as writer and director. He was then determined to return to the Palace of the High Ones as soon as possible — but was killed before reaching it, leaving Winnowill as new Lord dlves the Gliders. He wanted them to have a safe home, thus their rockshapers built a home inside Blue Mountain after the memories of the Palace of the High Ones.

Beginning inand for about 3 years, Warp Graphics published comic books in color, switching back to black and white when economic conditions dictated.

The Sea Elves: A Complete Culture for Elfquest

When their homeworld’s resources were depleted by overpopulation, they went spacefaring to find new planets to settle. These spritely, impish creatures arrived with the Firstcomers and take their task — to always protect the elves — very seriously.

Elfquest and the Warp Wolf logo are registered trademarks, and all other logos, characters, situations, related indicia, and their distinctive likenesses are trademarks of Warp Graphics, Inc. This previously unknown tribe, consisting of tall, thin, graceful elves, is known as the Gliders.

It is very common in the history of the Wolfriders and noted in other tribes as well for Recogition to happen outside a bonded pair. Rainsong, whose father Rain was the Wolfrider tribes healer he also sired Pike, outside Recognitiondidn’t inherit his healing powers per se, but she did inherit life giving ability from him and it showed in her extremely successful Recognition of Woodlock. Timmorn then went on to sire many children, with both wolves and elves; as a result, the entire tribe and their bonded wolf pack can all trace their bloodline back to Timmorn in some way by the point at which the series begins.

The Sea Elves: A Complete Culture for Elfquest by Elizabeth Ceritelli

Infinitely varied in their manner and outlook, prejudices and compassions, the humans on this world are much like those on our own. James added it Feb 16, You also have multiple births, though rare, in the form of twins. There, across the icy plains, a great range of mountains rises. All elves who are descended more than three generations from those who came to the world have shrunk from the tall, perhaps 6-foot stature of the original elves to a general range of height from about 3’6″ to 4’3″.


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A licensed tabletop Elfquest role playing game was produced by Chaosium inutilizing the Basic Role-Playing system which had first appeared in the game RuneQuest and some original illustrations by Wendy Pini, including the character sheets. When Dart awakens much later to rejoin the Wolfriders elfquext see his parents again and dote on his new little sister, Chitterhe forms a friendship with Kimo, the son of Newstar, and their closeness is implied to be a true, passionate love when they are in the Forevergreen and someone asks how he Dart would feel if something happened to Kimo.

Retrieved from ” http: The Wolfrider family of Rainsong, Woodlock and Wing kept track of the passing years until they passed from old age, safe and sound in the reclusive Sun Village, and the Sun Folk kept track of the passing years after dlfquest died seq old age until the rest of the Wolfrider tribe returned.

Recognition blasts away those mental barriers and let another soul into yours. Some elvss the rockshapers were put into permanent trance, and do nothing but fulfill a certain function. The world where the series takes place, eventually called Abode by its human inhabitants, but originally referred to as the World of Two Moons, superficially resembles Earth. This material goes up to about the mids. From the Palace you stare Hubward, toward which you will soon travel.

The initially color titles New BloodHidden Yearsand Shards for the most part carried the main storyline forward from the prehistoric to the medieval period of the World elfquets Two Moons, now named Abode, occasionally featuring non-canonical stories. Blood of Ten Chiefs: This is because their violent lives mean they must try to breed as often as possible and waiting for an ideal, Recognized pairing would mean they would be killed off in a generation or two.

Hubward Adventures on the World of Two Moons “As more children of the High Ones gather at the Palace, the realization grows that elfin tribes are widespread in the world. Several stories from early issues have been collected in the hardcover volume: Once this conflict is resolved, the two tribes quickly unite with each side willing to adjust to the other for their mutual benefit.

The quality of the publication was disappointing elvquest Wendy and Richard Pini. Play members of other tribes, such as the Blue Mountain or Sun Folk elves, or play troll, human, even preserver characters.