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Eat Me. Linda Jaivin, Author Broadway Books $20 (p) ISBN Helen a feminist university lecturer and Philippa a writer of a novel-in-progress called Eat Me. Linda Jaivin is the author of eight books, including the bestseller Eat Me – a romp through the lives of four Sydney women and their erotic. Making fun of both cliches about single women and conventions for erotica, Eat Me follows their love lives and the stories they tell one another about them.

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But the individual scenes are amongst the most outrageous ever composed in Australian literature. Her first nove Linda Jaivin is the author of eleven books, including the new novel The Empress Lover, published in April and the travel companion Beijing, published in July I really like the Infernal Optimist.

Fairly naughty stories from the Outback.

linva Ah well, at least it was short. So, why did you decide to do that book, which was a little bit different from your usual material?

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Tell us about your latest book, A Most Immoral Woman. Linda Jaivin is the author of eleven books, including the new novel The Empress Jaifin, published in April and the travel companion Beijing, published in July Linda That was before Sex in the City. I was always writing.

So, what period of time lapsed between that light bulb moment, and when you actually put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard? Valerie Now, Linda, when and lindw did you decide that writing was going to be one of your main careers?


You have to be very, very true to yourself; write what you want to read. Nov 09, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. But in terms of novel writing I then gave it a third try and this one I actually liked quite a lot. Some of the books that I needed were on my shelf, some of the books were in the ANU Menzies library, which is one the better Asian studies libraries in Australia.

Eat Me was her first novel and was a bestseller in Australia and overseas. Is there a genre that you actually prefer? A bit raunchy and scandalous in a fun kind of way.

Do you actually mf sort of a strict schedule that you do this then, and this then? No trivia or quizzes yet. Dec 17, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Refresh and try again. She was the daughter of an American politician, of a millionaire, but beyond that her past was never explored.

Eat Me (Linda Jaivin) – book review

Eat Me was published inwell and truly the past now, as it’s difficult to remember a world in which talking loudly on your Mobile Phone about “E-Mail” made you sound like a wanker. I wanted to get a good handle on his language and his thinking.

I put it, but nobody wanted to publish it. Jul 16, Sonia rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was the new biography. People want to know very cleanly how much time did it take to research. And as a something now, the whole girlfriend chatter is lina well done.

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Jul 18, Taylor rated it it was ok Shelves: Linda I studied Chinese history in university, which was somewhat accidental in the sense that in my first year when I thought I was going to be doing a degree in the study of politics and government I took a course in East Asian history, that somebody said was taught very well, and so it was because I could never leave the subject again.


Julia, Chantal, Helen, and Phillipa are the best of friends. The first chapter blew me away and I thought, “What the heck am I reading, and why am I even continuing? Who want to write books? Valerie Then lunda steps did you take after that, before then your first novel, which became a best seller, Eat Mewhat steps did you take before you got to that stage?

My best friend, Elizabeth, gave me this awesome book for Christmas while in college. But, I still kind of want to be a writer. mr

Linda Thank you so much, it was a great interview Valerie: Facebook facebook Twitter twitter Email mail. Valerie You have a real interest in China as well. That includes translations as well as everything else. Rock n Roll Babes from Outer Space.

Even the excursion to the Big Merino is a good touch.

Jan 21, graham rated it did not like it. I never studied writing from the time I was excluded from that high school class. When I was about 29 I wrote my second novel and I was very, very close to finishing this one. Aug 09, Miss Featherhead rated it liked it. I had an idea this was actually a job, the librarian who got to read all the new books and choose ljnda ones went to the library.

I remember at the time reading it and just being completely blown away. Sexy, intelligent, predatory, they are women of their time—but can we believe their wild and wicked descriptions of their erotic exploits?