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Breeding Ground By Jaid Black – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews , awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. THE BREEDING GROUND by Jaid Black a Erotica book ISBN ISBN with cover, excerpt, author notes, review link, and availability. Buy a copy. Buy a cheap copy of Breeding Ground book by Jaid Black. Commander Alexandria Frazier headed up NASA’s first deep-space mission to search for other.

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She took her time spinning this tale and it is very well done.

Pretty much the flipside of the coin. What they were prepared for was a nuclear war and the resulting catastrophic meteor shower that sent them hurling into Earths very distant, eerie future. Jan 29, Karen Scott rated it did not like it Shelves: Man, I feel as if Black wanted to write a particular scene into the book, and in order to make it work, she wrote in a whole lot of other bullshit to make it work.

Breeding Ground Book Summary and Study Guide

The Takuri believe that Alexandria is their priestess and that she is the solution to bring peace. A war between species for 20, years? What a naked white guy with an ancient ax has to do with this story, I’ll never know. Biological poisons were used, and mutants were produced. And I felt like breedong ending was a bit rushed and unfished.

Breeding Ground

During her space jour Alexandria is on a long range NASA mission that with the time difference is 2 years for her, years for Earth. Oh if you could only imagine the frustration this brought me. Five star seller – Buy with confidence! That their might be more to it then just having men as sex slaves. I read the book and finished it and instantly said outlou when I started this book I thought it was going great I was wonering what earth was going to be like But this is Jaid Black, so that can be excused.


Breeding Ground by Jaid Black

The leader of that society kidnaps the female bj of the shuttle crew. CD Audiobook 0 editions. Project Gutenberg 0 editions. Explanation of what happened on earth to create the time travel is explained. That said, I was interested enough to read the entire book.

This is a more complex book about the future plight of man after the near destruction of Earth than Erotica and I enjoyed that- even breedign darker side of it.

Jaid Black is the pseudonym of Tina M. I have spent my entire adult life building upon what other scientists have learned and, I believe, created the ability to time travel from a singular wormhole in deep space. Books by Jaid Black. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Number of sex scenes: Sep 11, Amber.: It’s not on par with Black’s other books, such as her Trek Mi Q’an series.

Breeding Ground by Jaid Black – FictionDB

While touring the Temple Alexandria is kidnapped breering the Xani. Ridiculously huge numbers that would have made a lot more sense if they were not so huge. Refresh and try again. When he does capture her, Alex discovers passion with the alpha male. Jul 08, Julia rated it liked it.

I’m so used to the weird time frames and ‘alien’ appearances and abilities of the humanoids in Jaid Black stories that i’m suprised that i’m suprised.


They fall in love, they realize the problems of their love, Alex feels guilty, she decides to escape. Both of them are some sort of prophetic change to both of their people. She couldn’t be mesmerized but she sure changed with no real reason.

They are in constant fight for survival with the Xani which is a male dominated race of mutants. No current Talk conversations about this book. I just felt like the story was incomplete with no real resolution and a final rush to what ending there was.

But the entire time I was reading this I was just irritated and felt that with this kind of plot, going back in time where females rule and men are their slaves.

Was completely rushed toward the jaidd, and bored me. This book started out with so much promise. I felt there was no connection to the hero character in the book.

Where only two years passed by breedong the crew of the Methuselah, fifteen hundred years had ticked by on Earth. An entertaining erotic science fiction with plenty of grlund paced action.

The way this Zutairan the scientist speaks, it’s as if he has some jzid of magical joo-joo that can predict the future. Her polar opposite is Malik, the immortal king of the Xandi, and of course, her romantic love partner.