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Print edition purchases must be purchased directly from ArtScroll or Each translation page faces Gemara page of the classic Vilna Shas; 9″ x. Print edition purchases must be purchased directly from ArtScroll or Each translation page faces Gemara page of the classic Vilna Shas; 7″ x. 7 Results Published By: ArtScroll Mesorah Publications. Release Date: 12/20/ Format : Hardcover. List Price: $2, Your Price: $2, Discount.

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That does not mean those tools are substandard. That also requires effort. Simchas Hatorah and remembering the Torah can only come from your ameilus without any extra help.

How would leaving out every single thought on a subject, as you suggest, be an issue of dishonesty??? On a personal note, I am so grateful to Artscroll. November 13, 4: November 13, 9: Sorry that some of you have not learned spoken Sahs.

November 10, 3: Print edition purchases must be purchased directly from ArtScroll or ArtScroll. This also can be a problem for someone trying to learn the language. I never understand why people think it hinders learning how to read Gemara. November 10, 6: I once saw someone burn an Artscroll Gemara.

Complete 73 volume set. Why would Rashi write a phrase by phrase commentary simplifying the gemara so much?

Every now and then there is a shver Rashi. November 10, Home Sets Schottenstein Ed. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

One of the most valuable qualities of AS Shas are the notes which do a lot of research on numerous points on each daf. Why do you define ameilus as going deep in a gemara and breaking your head? A big gadol that I know uses Artscroll to prepare his gemara shiur. What do Artscroll and GPS have in common??


Schottenstein Edition Sets of Talmud

For someone who is learning all day then his effort would have to be go deeper or accomplish more etc… For someone who has no time and comes home beat from work amongst all the daily stresses — his defiition of toil is different. Just a question — is an art scroll shas now the standard gift.

They both get you to where you want shaas go, but once there and you look back, you have no idea how you artscrolp there. November 11, 1: Using Artscroll to translate difficult and unusual words in the Gemara is fine.


Open the Schottenstein Edition and step into a “study hall without walls. When you consider how Artscroll artsrcoll SO instrumental in ensuring there is clear understanding of our SACRED sas, and how Artscroll has a pivotal place in bringing Judaism to the record number of those returning in the era just before Moshiach, and also consider the wonderful, brilliant, Talmidei Chochamim that I know who work for Artscroll, I can only assume the thread was started by someone who is shy about using Artscroll shas since someone who uses a regular, non-translated shas would know the value of Artscroll.

At least I hope your not supporting your son in law. Home Schottenstein Talmud Sets. Print edition purchases must be purchased directly from ArtScroll or ArtScroll. I find that when I use Artscroll I have the whole set I am just reading the words and dont stop to think if I shaz it. Powered by Duvys Media. Not at all,I know ppl who could use artscroll but instead make fun of it. Also practiaclly all the rashis are explained. For full functionality of artscrool site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.


Bomburg was not Jewish.

shws November 10, 9: To do this research even for an accomplished Talmid chacham would take many hours. ArtScroll Mesorah Publications Published: Login to your account to see if you qualify.

Arttscroll point sitting around for half an hour wasting time Bitul Torah even breaking your head over a difficult word that you have never heard of just for the principle of not touching Artscroll. When my daughter got engaged, i approached her choson.

Acclaimed by a broad spectrum of roshei yeshivah, scholars, and laymen around the world, this series lets you join the world of Abaye and Rava without oversimplification, without extraneous material, without turgidity. Pehaps ameilus means a guy who worked all day in Manhattan, spent 2 hours commuting, comes home and helps his kids with their homework and still makes a seder at night to learn. December 29, 6: The irony shsa all this is that the added clarifications put into Artscroll shas are written in artzcroll by experts who study with untranslated shas.

For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.