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Buy Al-Aqida al-Tahawiyya (With English Commentary) of This short treatise on ‘ Aqida (Islamic theology) written by Imam al-Tahawi though small in size, is a. Aug 19, I recently had the opportunity to read Mas’ud ibn ‘Umar’s commentary (may Allah be pleased with him) on ‘Aqida Tahawiyya. After having heard. Imam Abu Ja’far al-Tahawi. This is to be a comprehensive commentary of the famous Creed of Imam Abu Ja’far al-Tahawi based on the commentaries of.

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The Magians believed that there are two or more creators of the universe. When man firmly resolves to do something Allah Ta’ala creates that action for him – be it good or bad.

Al-Aqida al-Tahawiyya (With English Commentary) available at Mecca Books the Islamic Bookstore

This is our religion and it is what we believe in, both inwardly and outwardly, and we renounce any connection, before Allah, with anyone who goes against what we have said and made clear. Although there is no doubt regarding the validity of prayer behind such people i. In his delusory attempt to investigate the Unseen, he is seeking a secret that can never be uncovered, and he returns as a sinner and a great liar.

He will traverse the entire earth swiftly except for the cities of al-MadTna al-Munawwara and Makka al- Mukarrama. This is the religion of Muslims. And Allah took Abraham as an intimate friend.

Al-Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah – Wikipedia

The importance of this creed lies in the fact that it corroborates the views of Imam Abu HanTfa, the founder of the HanafF school, that have come tahawiyyaa to us from different sources. It is therefore regarded to be one of the essentials of the Islamic creed, rejection of which is outright disbelief kufr.

A person only becomes a believer once he accepts the necessary requirements for belief. AI-‘Aqida al-Tahawiyya This is our religion and it is what we believe in, both inwardly and outwardly, and we renounce any connection, before Allah, with anyone who goes against what we have said and made clear.

AI-‘Aqida al-Tahawiyya 94 among the believers 77 and, although we fearfor them, we do not despair regarding them Delving into it and qqida too much about it only leads to destruction and loss, and results in rebelliousness. Light and illumination referto the Divine law and religion supported with clear evidences. Suddenly he saw before him five or six graves. We hate anyone who hates them or does not speak well of them and we [BukharT, Muslim] He S also said: This edition includes a brief and simple commentary by Mawlana Fahim Hoosen.


He has prepared Gardens graced with flowing streams for them, there to remain forever. He began devoting his attention to studying HanafT works and this eventually led to his joining the HanafT school of Islamic jurisprudence. However a detailed treatment of these topics from the sources have been omitted as, this being a book on ‘ AqTda, the aspect of belief only was given consideration.

He does tahawyya He wills and He is never unjust The grave is either one of the gardens of Paradise or one of the pits of the Fire.

Al-Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah

Although this translation was used as a starting point, many amendments were made to it as deemed appropriate. And that he is the Seal of the Prophets and the Imam of the godfearing and the most honored of all the messengers and the Beloved of the Lord of all the worlds.

The ‘Supreme Intercession’ is that which the Prophet H will make for the entire creation on the day of judgement for Allah Ta’ala to commence with the reckoning after the creation will be in immense difficulty.

They also say, What? So beware about thinking, reflecting or letting doubts assail you with regards to this matter. His Attributes are not temporal and His Actions are not motivated by need nor are they acquired. He lived from A. For indeed those that live long from amongst you will see great controversy.

In contrast, the Ahl al-Sunna hold that Allah will most certainly be seen by the believers without our specifying how. Preserve your obligations toward Allah and He will preserve you.

When Tahawi was about 20 years old he abandoned the Shafi’i school and transferred to the Hanafi School. One person then asked: As ‘Owner’ of the entire creation He possesses the full unreserved right to do with them as He Wills.


He is very consistent and thorough in his discussions and does not miss much. If it was necessary for Allah to always do that which is best for creation no person would have committed disbelief or disobedience and be caused to enter Jahannam as this certainly cannot be said to be best for him. This perfect system therefore establishes that there is no other deity besides Allah Ta’ala. Likewise belief in the literal meaning of the common statement “Allah is everywhere” is equally false because ‘everywhere’ is the sum total of all space, expressed in Arabic as ot—SCj—T j whereas Allah Ta’ala is free of space.

We do not prefer any of the saintly men among the Community over any of the Prophets but rather we say that any one of the Prophets is better than all the awliya’ put together. Man is unlike stones, trees and other lifeless objects that are completely powerless and have no choice or will. Say, ‘He who created them in the first place will give them life again: The translation that formed the basis of the English text that I used was that of lqbal Ahmad A’zami, which was the best English translation available at the time.

This is flatly contradicted by Ibn Kathir who says in his notice on Tahawi in al-Bidaya wa al-nihaya: Thus the earning of the action is by man’s volition and forms the basis of his receiving reward or punishment. How Authentic is Salat al Tasbeeh. The destinies of man have already been fixed by Him. I have attempted to ensure the accuracy of these references to the best of my ability by mentioning the Sura and verse number or the HadTth source. Nothing can be independent of Allah even for the blinking of an eye.