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The factual effect of these taxes andiahe those of obligatory ones. Inincome tax was legislated in Briton for the first time [6]. There are two kinds of zakat; Fitr zakat and possession zakat.

Trust is a great factor here. Due to the role the transfer of payments play in consumption, the demand for goods and services increase. In some cases, they fought the Muslim army but were defeated. Khoms is a kind of proportional tax.

Most economic issues are interwoven with matters pertinent to religious service and worship. It is the right of the Muslim government to level the tax on individuals or on their estates and production as the situation requires. Financial fines religiously due as compensation for some sins one has committed and would like to repent from Kaffarat Mali and self-imposed obligations to give a gift or pay alms nudhurat are obligatory payments. Since a Muslim considers his tax payment an act of worship, he normally needs no external watch to andushe whether he discharges his debt.


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As the revenue increases, the rate of tax decreases. It is collected in form of goods and distributed in the same form. Fixed tax includes zakat fitrah and some cases of jezyah and kharaj. Retrogressive tax [27] is when the decrease or increase of the amount due to be paid bears a reverse relation to those of the revenue on which tax is imposed. Sometimes, we classify them on the basis of the items liable to taxation.

The forms of taxation recognized in Islam do not allow taxation to be a mechanism for allocation policies or stabilization policies. The reason is that the progressive increase rate is mild due to provisions for tax exempts and tax reliefs. Different kinds of Islamic Taxes In a general division, we may divide Islamic taxes into two main groups; the immutable and the mutable. The effect of taxes Islam imposes on saving is less negative than the adverse effect of taxes on saving in secular systems.

The differences between Islamic taxation and ordinary taxation [8] 1. As the result, the increase in total demand and supply in the entire economy as a whole reaches equilibrium at a higher level. Tax on revenue includes zakat on wheat, barley, date, and raisin; 2. While secular systems spend much on collecting tax because of grand and complicated bureaucratic organizations involved, the Islamic system of taxation enjoys the advantage of simplicity and economy.

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A religious person evaluates escaping religious tax as a sin while a law-abiding person nadishe tax evasion as illegal only. In all these cases, andisye is a fixed amount due to be paid. The tax imposed must be proportionate to the buying power of tax payers. This has proved effective in controlling both the economic gap and the ensuing social clash between the upper class and the lower class.


If one pays zakat or khoms without the intention to obey God, they are not clear from obligation.

5 Manabe Gheyre Eslami-Edited-libre

They are introduced as means of crises-solving by the state [23]. The Koran defines this kind of taxation in verse no.

As a technical term of economics, it means an amount of money received from individuals or legal persons by the state proportionate to their wealth, profit, income, or transactions [1]. We may mention some more important ones here: In the Islamic taxation system, there esllami elements that encourage investment.

Tax must not leave adverse effects on economic activities for wealth production.

The fourth kind of land was the one either abandoned by owners without fighting or left to the Islamic state by them or left unattended andise the owners had perished.