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“Sinnett, Alfred Percy,” in The New International Encyclopædia, New York: Dodd, Mead and Co. (). Some or all works by this author are in. First published in Esoteric Buddhism is a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism. Sinnett says that the esoteric doctrine. Alfred Percy Sinnett (18 January in London – 26 June ) was an English author and theosophist. This theory recognizes the evolution of the soul as a.

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Mr Sinnett was convinced of the genuineness of these phenomena, and in his book The Occult World he was at great pains to stress their authenticity. I wrote an blog post related to a quote in this book here: Descending lower again in the scale, we find India dotted all over with Yogis and Fakirs, in all stages of self-development, from that of dirty savages, but little elevated above the gipsy fortune-tellers of an English racecourse, to men whose seclusion a stranger will find it very difficult to penetrate, and whose abnormal faculties and powers need only be seen or experienced to shatter the incredulity of the most contented representative of modern Western scepticism.

Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. The information poured out at last for the benefit of all who are ripe to receive it, has been destined for communication to the world through the Theosophical Society since the foundation of that body, and later circumstances only have indicated myself as the agent through whom the communication could be conveniently made.

And at whatever age a boy or man dedicates himself to the occult career, he dedicates himself to it, be it remembered, without any reservations and for life. This assertion conveys no reproach to the sympathetic, learned, and industrious writers of great ability who have studied Oriental religions generally, and Buddhism especially, in their external aspects.

Again, the highly cultivated devotees, to be met with occasionally in India, who build up a conception of Nature, the universe, and God, entirely on a metaphysical basis, and who have evolved their systems by sheer force of transcendental thinking, will take some established system of philosophy as its groundwork, and amplify on this to an extent which only an Oriental metaphysician could dream of.

It only remains for me to disclaim, on behalf of the treatise which ensues, any pretension to high sinnety as regards the language in which it is cast. Blavatsky and The secret doctrine”.

But occultists know how to explain evolution without degrading the highest principles of man. An individual unit, arriving on a planet for the first time in the course of a round, has to work through seven races on that planet before he passes on to the next, and each of those races occupies the earth for a long time.

But hisprima facie conclusion may be determined by the extent to which the views of Nature about to be unfolded, may recommend themselves to his mind, and by the reasons which exist for trusting the powers of observation of those by whom they are communicated. Then, finally, comes the human life impulse on globe A.

The higher principles will be the better susceptible of treatment as so many different states of the Ego, when the attributes of these states have been separately considered as principles undergoing simnett.

Longer familiarity with the vast and complicated scheme of cosmogony disclosed, will no doubt suggest improvements in the sinneht employed to expound it. It is a portion of this principle, animated by the fourth, which is really projected to distant places by an adept, when he makes an appearance in what is commonly called his astral body. Inevitably they become extinct. We are apt to think of him as once an adept always an adept, — as a very exalted human being, who must necessarily bring into play in all the relations of his life the attributes that attach to him as a Mahatma.


It is along these subtle currents that the life elements pass from world to world. By temperament he was drawn to science, and, being a keen student of chemistry, he had a laboratory of his own.

But at all events these methods have been relaxed to some extent sinneett my own case, and, as already stated, it is with the full consent of my teachers that I now follow the bent of my own inclinations as a European, and communicate what I have learned to all who may be willing to receive it. It is many times incarnated in successive races of men before it passes onward, and it even has many incarnations in each great race.

Alfred Percy Sinnett – Wikiquote

When seen at all, and this can but rarely occur, it can only be seen near where the physical body still lies. Each race is cut off in this way at its appointed time, some survivors remaining in parts of the world, not the proper home of their race; but these, invariably in such cases, exhibiting a tendency to decay, and relapsing into barbarism with more or less rapidity. The methods of esoteric research have grown out of natural facts, with which exoteric science is wholly unacquainted. Enough for the moment to state that occult pefcy regards them sinnnett identical, and that it contemplates no principle in Nature as wholly immaterial.

Paola GiovettiI poteri psichici di H. In proportion as Buddhism retreats into the inner penetralia of its faith, these are found to merge into the inner penetralia of other faiths. He could not tolerate this and for a time he alienated himself from most of aalfred leaders of the Theosophical Society.

The forms which have gone on merely repeating themselves for millenniums, start afresh into growth; with relative rapidity they rise through the intermediate into the higher forms, and then, as these in turn are multiplied with the vigour and rapidity of all new growths, they supply tenements of flesh for the spiritual entities coming round on that state or apfred of existence, and for the intermediate forms there are no longer any tenants offering.

The permanent entity is that which lives through the whole series of lives not only through the races belonging to the present round-wave on earth, but also through those of other round-waves and other worlds.

From the European point of view it would be unreasonable to expect that such a book as this can be exempt from the usual rough-and-tumble treatment of new ideas. Such proof cannot be given by any process of argument; only through the development in each inquirer for himself of the faculties required for the direct observation of Nature along the lines indicated. The great end and purpose of adeptship is the achievement of spiritual development, the nature of which is only veiled and disguised by the common phrases of exoteric language.

We purposely refrain for the present from going into figures, because it is more convenient to state the precy of the scheme in general terms first, but figures in reference to these processes of Nature have now been given to the world by the occult adepts for the first time, we believeand they shall be brought out in the course of this explanation very shortly, but, as we say, the outline is enough for any one to think of at first.


HPB performed some amazing phenomena which she attributed to isnnett Mahatmas with whom she was in more or less constant psychic contact.

Esoteric Buddhism

Its outlines had indeed been blurred; its scientific form partially confused; but the general body of knowledge was already in percg of a select few before Buddha came to deal with it.

Meanwhile, however, it is desirable, at the very outset, to disabuse the reader of one misconception in regard to the objects of adeptship that he may very likely have framed. This idea has been variously indicated in recent forecasts of the great doctrine. The second principle of Man, Vitality, thus consists of matter in its aspect as force, and its affinity for the grosser state of matter is so great that it cannot be separated from any given particle or mass of this, except by instantaneous translation to some other particle or mass.

The esoteric doctrine is thus really the missing link between materialism and spirituality.

Olcott, at Allahabad, on December 4,and both Sinnetts joined the Society on December 26, Further remarks on this head will fall into their place more naturally at the close of a later chapter.

Sinnett’s father died while he was young, by Sinnett sinneht listed as a “Scholar – London University”, living with his widowed mother Jane whose occupation is listed as “Periodical Literature”, and his older sister Sophia age 22 who is a teacher.

Following the order of ideas which just now suggested the application of the term animal soul to the fourth principle, and human soul to percg fifth, the sixth may be called the spiritual soul of man, and the seventh, therefore, spirit itself. Altair Pereira rated it really liked it Jan 20, Separated as these are, in regard to the gross mechanical matter of which they consist, they are closely and intimately bound together by subtle currents and sknnett, whose existence reason alfrev not be much troubled to concede, since the existence ofsome connection — of force or ethereal media — uniting all visible celestial bodies, is proved by the mere fact that theyare visible.

The impulse to the new evolution of higher forms is really given, as we have shown by rushes of spiritual monads coming round the cycle in a state fit for the inhabitation of new forms. First published in Esoteric Buddhism is a practical clue to the meaning of almost all sknnett religious symbolism.

Sinnett, Alfred Percy – Hermetik International

Estratto da ” https: This subject is by no means shirked by esoteric students, and later on, in the course of this sketch, some hints will be given concerning the views occultism entertains of the earlier processes through which cosmic matter passes on its way to evolution.

The full development of the mineral epoch on globe A prepares the way for the vegetable development, as soon as this begins, the mineral life impulse overflows into globe B. The circumstances and attractions under the influence sihnett which the principles do divide up, and alfref manner in which the consciousness of man is dealt with then, will be discussed later on.