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“The X is a big sampler old school machine with 12 bits resolution and tiny memory, the first Akai Keyboard Sampler ever made.”. Akai X Sampling Keyboard, Sound On Sound, Jan the owner’s manual simply launches into the business of user-sampling without explaining how. [EPUB] Akai X Manual Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Akai X

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Moreover, if you do, I guarantee the X’s system of sampling will seem like a doddle. Tthe next step after x then s has been updated to S Are you a X user? PROS – cheap now – Lo fi 12 bits – oldschool. Also featuring gear in this article. It really helps – thank you! Sorry to be so specific but the manual sees fit not to explain this point clearly. Having sampled a sound there are several available options aside from the basic looping or trimming: Weird akai advertising for sampler.

You don’t even have to press Store or anything, just move on to your next task.

Akai X7000 Operator’s Manual

One obvious similarity with the Manaul is the fact that it uses 2. Write us report Error Contribute Support Us. The X LFO modulates only the pitch as a classic vibrato.


And in this respect the X is no better or no worse than Roland’s equivalent instrument, the S Mode 4, the Mono mode allowing each voice in an instrument to be linked to their own MIDI channel number, comes under the control of the pin DIN connector though, so Akai are obviously keen you remain brand-loyal if you’re into multitimbralism.

Julian Colbeck checks out its attractions. In a nutshell, the Akai X is a versatile sampler. Although not really complicated once you’ve memorised the procedures, the X will take a bit of time to learn. Here endeth the rundown of the X’s basic range of sampling and manipulating features.

The X is able to sample up to 6 sounds that can be assigned to a singles patch with assignable split points, useful to create drum kits or multisampled instruments.

Envelope EGs only release segment and 2 destinations: CONS – edit interface – bulky – memory – quick disk. This is probably the best way to learn your way around the instrument.

Akai X Sampling Keyboard (SOS Jan 87)

But it doesn’t quite seem so well made as the Roland and nor perhaps is it quite so easy to operate for the novice or sampling-scared. Less than a second, in fact. Akai are quickly becoming the name to look out for when it comes to hi-tech products their hi-fi’s not bad either!

Akai S The “S” samplers legend started here!


Akai Professional X Sampling Keyboard – Akai – Encyclotronic

Anyhow, the X arrives with three factory disks all of which are, in fact, a grand piano sample although to my ears an acoustic guitar crept in there somewhereand to access this wodge of multi-sampled data you must load all six sides, one after the other: If you value this resource, you can support this project – it really helps! Small Print Terms of use Privacy. Main panel features a 16 x 2 lines backlit LCD, a data encoder, 30 push buttons, 1 slider for main volume and 2 wheels for pitch and LFO modulation.

The potential sound quality is excellent. These factory disks come with just eight such programs written so you have a further 24 programs free in which you can store at least temporarily your own attempts at mixing, matching, and editing. Z7000 fashioned your sample into something listenable you may want to fine tune some aspects: But in terms of using the instrument – sampling, manipulating, and playing sounds – the X has capabilities and, to an extent, specifications that remind one more of the S Previous Article in this issue Showtime!