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View and Download Akai S Series operator’s manual online. S Series Recording Equipment pdf manual download. View and Download Akai S manual online. S Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Last weekend I bought an incredibly cheap (15 Euros) Akai S sampler at a flea-market. Unfortunately it does not turn on, as it keeps.

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Akia in Already have an account? Additionally, individual samples within a Keygroup can have their own cutoff offset. November 11, Reply. Keyspan On the S, a keyspan is the range of the keyboard on which a sample can be played. After all, unlike humans, samplers don’t actually have ears – and what’s more, there might not actually be any ideal loop points.

Akai S1000 Series Operator’s Manual

Resonance control is not implemented, and apparently is out of the question. Trimming allows you to snip off the beginning and end of your sample, allowing you to be not too specific when sampling, discarding whatever you don’t need or, alternatively, extracting whatever you do need after the event.

This field can be set to the nearest one-hundredth of a second, and the number of bytes and the percentage of total memory used will be changed accordingly. Already a powerful beast, the S could really set the sparks flying if Akai get their act together on the promised time-stretching upgrade. Page 39 Sampler functions The other option,allows you to load a program and all associated samples free memory permitting.

Janne February 6, Reply. Adjust signal levels and threshold if necessary.

AKAI S MANUAL Pdf Download.

As I’ve no doubt said before, the best path to looping heaven is your own experience. Introduction Volume As well as being the output level from the S, volume has another meaning a collection of programs, samples and drum settings which can be stored together on a diskette, on a hard disk or in memory.


Comes with original owners manual and paperwork and power cable. An eight-megabyte system is capable of recording around 95 seconds in mono at a Also See for S Series Manual – 24 pages.

Sign up for a new account mwnual our community. Page 80 Disk operations 3 Disk volumes have a limit to the number of files which may be stored on them samples, programs, drum settings, etc. Well maintained and lightly used in a smoke free studio. Of course, that’s not all of it. The S allows you to load the entire disk contents, all Programs and samples, all Programs only, all samples, cursor Programs plus samples, cursor item only Program, sample or drum file – see below or the operating system.

No-one can deny the impact the S has had on the market in its brief life so far.

Minus points are the absence of SysEx and other MIDI information – Akai are really rather naughty about this – and the absence of an index yet again. Provision for software updates is a aki feature of any sampler nowadays.

Go to synthesizers Akai. However, if you put these too high, you may get a distorted sound, so use these with care. This means that the S straightaway has a vast library of a1000 to draw on, even if they aren’t going to show it off in its full splendour.

This page is called ” ” Page 23 The S should automatically load the disk version of the operating system. The ,anual will be safely stored on disk. If you no longer need to use your S disks, you can always reformat them for S usage.


I have also recorded a source via the input and it sampled fine. Previous article in this issue: It will save you a lot of time later on. When you press that you have a variety of options made available by the eight function keys. Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines.

You can specify MIDI velocity-response ranges for each of the four samples within a Keygroup, with the option to crossfade between samples where these ranges overlap.

Now is a good time to connect your sample source. Also featuring gear in this article. I’d guess, in the absence of further information, that this has something to do with the loop and envelope settings.

Page 38 Sampler functions Note- you delete a program from memory, make sure that you really do not Need that program in the future, or that you have saved it to disk first. I have turned the unit on, the screen is fine. Anyone who can use a cassette recorder should be able to do amnual once he or she becomes familiar with the system. It’s worth pointing out that sample transfer via MIDI is inherently a slow business, and not really advisable for akaj amounts of data unless you’re very patient.

Bearing in mind that layered textures will reduce the polyphony of the S, this is a useful feature to have. A bit, 22kHz to If you’re enjoying the site, please consider supporting me to help build this archive Saving to disk works along the same lines as loading.